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How to raise an articulate child

How to raise an articulate child

Children who speak well feel confident both in the classroom and on the playground. You can encourage your child to feel comfortable speaking in many different situations and with different types of people by focusing on speaking skills at home.

Here are eight ways to raise an articulate child:

Be an avid listener
When your child tells you about her day, put down your newspaper, stop making dinner, and give her your undivided attention. If she feels as if she has center-stage when she talks to you, it will be easier for her to open up.

Use good grammar and appropriate language
Don't dumb down your speech when you talk to her. Children are copycats and will imitate whatever you say — so instill good speech habits early. (And if you don't want her to learn to curse, watch your own language!)

Correct mispronunciations and grammatical errors consistently but discreetly
If your child mispronounces a word or uses an incorrect pronoun, simply repeat the phrase back to her correctly and move on. For example, if she says, "Her hurted me," just say, "Oh, did she hurt you at school today? Tell me what happened." If you dwell on her mistake, you'll only make her more self-conscious about speaking.

Build her vocabulary
The most natural way to do this is to use different words to describe the same object whenever possible. For example, a vehicle can be a car, a truck, or a tractor trailer. English is a very rich language; use synonyms as often as you can.

Ask open-ended questions
If you ask your child, "Did you have a good day at preschool today?" you're asking for a one-word answer. But if you ask, "What did you do after snack today?" you'll inspire her to describe what happened.

Encourage her to "read" aloud
Even though your child is still learning how to decipher letters and words, she can make up stories as she turns the pages in her picture books. Or perhaps she can recite a book that she has memorized to you. (For more on raising a child who loves to read, click here.)

Give your child many chances to talk to adults and older children
To help your child gain confidence talking to grown-ups, let her order food at a fast-food drive-through or place her own order with the waitress at a restaurant. And refrain from answering for her when other adults ask her questions.

Repairs to quake-hit Asia Internet cables delayed again - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Repairs to quake-hit Asia Internet cables delayed again - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Repairs to quake-hit Asia Internet cables delayed again

Agence France-Presse
Last updated 05:57pm (Mla time) 01/29/2007

HONG KONG -- Hong Kong's telecom regulator said Monday bad weather had again delayed full repairs to undersea cables damaged last year by an earthquake, which badly disrupted Internet access in parts of Asia.

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) said most of the seven submarine cables, damaged by a powerful 7.1-magnitude temblor off Taiwan on December 26, have now been fixed but that one will take longer than estimated.

Repair work will be completed at the end of February, instead of mid-February as had been anticipated earlier.

"The repair work of one section of a cable will now complete by the end of next month," said OFTA director general Au Man-ho. "Bad weather, technical problems and other reasons are causing the delay."

However, he said Internet providers had diverted Web traffic and that the delay was not having a significant impact on Internet services in Hong Kong.

"According to our reports from the providers, all services have largely been resumed back to normal -- it's approaching 100 percent," he said.

Au said a new warning system will be set up next month to alert the public if a similar Internet breakdown occurs again.

The Boxing Day earthquake snapped several international telecom cables, sparking widespread communication disruption in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and elsewhere.

Problems also occurred as far away as Australia.

The earthquake left two people dead and at least 42 injured in Taiwan.

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Things I Wish I Had Always Known

Things I Wish I Had Always Known

Things I Wish I Had Always Known:
10 Things to Remember to Make Life Easier
By Carole Provenzale

What an exciting journey life can be! We were taught so many things growing up, to be polite, to respect others, to go to school and get good grades. We weren't taught some very important things, probably because they are only learned through the school of "hard knocks." I must have been absent that day but life lessons and challenges presented themselves and through the years I've learned how to (hopefully) best deal with this wonderful life gift we have been given.

GO WITH THE FLOW: Things are not going to always go in the way we would like. Actually quite often they will go in the opposite direction from what we expected the outcome to be. It's not what presents itself to us that matters as much as it is how we deal with it. Recognize it as a learning lesson, a challenge but also as a new opportunity to grow. By coming across different people, circumstances and challenges, we always learn a new (and hopefully) better way to deal with them. When they come up gain, we are old hands at it if we've learned from prior experiences! When opposition presents, instead of fighting back so hard, sit back for a moment and see how to go with the flow of the life lessons that are being created.

SET CLEAR INTENTIONS: Like attracts like, there is not getting around it. We are beings of Energy, we are surrounded by Energy and we need to focus on what we desire to create in our lives. It is essential to keep a positive attitude and just BE, knowing that the Universe has everything we need and want as
long as we are sending the correct Intentions forth. This is an especially difficult principle to relay to people that have become depressed by circumstances. Changing your way of thinking from the negative to the positive has done amazing things that are documented: cured cancer, brought wealth beyond someone's wildest dreams, attracted wonderful people into their lives to love and support them. Stay in the positive and you will get back the best possible

LEARN TO LET GO: Difficult as it can be, reassess your life and the people in it. Are they positive, like minded and do they support you when you need
it most? Do they truly care about you or are they around you for another reason? I realized at one point that sadly enough, some of the people I called "friends" weren't there for me, for the joyful occasions or the sad. And although some of them had been around for years, I needed to let go to be free to attract new people into my life that would truly care about me, support me and just BE there for me. Family members were a bit more difficult and I just cut down some of my time with them. Letting go of the old, and the known, is a difficult process but until we learn to let go we won't have room in our lives for the wonderful new people to come into it.

COUNT ON YOURSELF: You are stronger then you ever imagined. Learn to count on yourself and not rely on someone else for your needs, wants and successes. You create your own life, not someone else and you are armed with everything you need to create all the desires in your heart. Co-dependent became a big word years ago and unfortunately still applies today. Learn to take charge of your own life and watch what you will create!

ALLOW THE MESSAGES: Some people complain they never get messages, yet they are sent to us all the time. From loved ones who have passed, from our Spirit Guides, from our Sixth Sense, from the Universe itself. Trust yourself to take the time to SEE them; they are important as they are what guide us through life. Often in these stressful times, we don't even take the time to listen to our inner feelings---and kick ourselves later on, saying "I know I should (shouldn't) have done that! We are working with Energy, learn to see, trust and believe in it and the messages will come to you. It's the basis of Inspiration.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: I may sound like a broken record on this one, but it bears repeating (again and again sometimes). When you focus only on the negative, you are going to get back more of the same. Everyone has blessings, examine them, count them and as you keep those in mind, more will come. Counted Blessings add up to more blessings coming your way and soon you will have more then you ever imagined.

FIND THE SILVER LINING: Every cloud has one. It's our job to find it and
many times not an easy task. But it is there if we look. That silver lining is
our window of opportunity to change the situation around and if we miss it, we have missed a chance to change and grow. A love has left you and you're devastated? It also gives you more time to focus on YOU, things perhaps you didn't have time to do that you can now get involved with, an opportunity to meet and surround yourself with new people, places, things and ideas. Find that silver lining and USE it.

A NEW WAY TO LOOK AT THINGS: Oftentimes when we are "stuck" or just plain sad, we see things in only black and white. We are unable to see the options open to us, to look at the world and our lives in a different way. Open yourself up to learn something new, read a book full of inspirational stories, be open to things that you once looked at as "odd" or "different" as an opportunity to learn new things about yourself, your life and the way you are living it.

For years Feng Shui was a "fad" until people discovered that it actually
works. If you rely heavily on your doctors, for example, look into wholistic
health alternatives as well. Read subjects you wouldn't usually choose and make them inspiring---they will inspire you as well.

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: Don't allow anyone to stop or deter you from your dreams. Your life was not created to look back and wonder what would have happened if you had found your passion and not created it. Negative people will sometimes give us the wrong information and try to deter us from achieving what we really want. These are their own doubts and fears coming out and being projected onto you. Don't allow it. You will never have to wonder what would have happened if you had only tried.

KEEP AN OPEN HEART: You meet everyone in life for a reason. Open your heart to them; they were given to you as a gift or a learning tool. Don't be too busy to pursue a new friendship, don't just tell yourself the timing is wrong for a relationship, first step back a moment and see what these people are bringing to you and why you have attracted them. It is oftentimes for a wonderful reason, to meet a new and like minded person you have much in common with, a possible business partner or a new romance. Sometimes it is for challenges we must face. Just know they have come to you for a reason and keep your heart open to all who enter your own special space in the world.

Remember, it is often the challenges in life we must learn that teach us the
most. Without them, we would likely be stuck somewhere; they are what force us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on.

The Author

Carole Provenzale, Feng Shui Long Island - http://www.FengShuiLI.com

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Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger Users .. yahoo status checker - WebTips Community

Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger Users .. yahoo status checker - WebTips Community

( This tip was shared by Alexb. If you too have an interesting tip to share please join us and share it. )
The process of detecting invisble yahoo messenger users is pretty simple and can be used by anyone with little computer knowledge. Its a DIY (Do It Yourself) and so you don't need to download any softwares or any programs! To check the status of your yahoo messenger buddies just follow these simple steps:

Sign in to your Yahoo messenger
Sign in to your Yahoo messenger. See who is online and who appears offline. In my case it appeared only 4 of my friends are online. Out of them 2 were signed into their respective mobile devices.

Note: Upgrade your messenger. Get the latest yahoo messenger with voice!

Go to Yahoo
Open the all new yahoo homepage.

Locate the widget
Just below the header in the right hand side of the home page locate this block.
ym step 1
Sign in to your Yahoo account
Move your mouse over 'Messenger'. Now sign in using your yahoo username and password.
ym step 2
Check the status, see who is hiding
After you are redirected to the yahoo homepage, move your mouse over 'Messenger' to see how many of your friends are really online (including the ones signed in to his mobile device with status I'm on SMS) and how many are really offline. In my case I found 6 of my friends were online though my messenger showed 4 !! So its pretty simple to understand 2 were trying to hide from me i.e. they are in invisble mode!!

Also note that using this built-in feature you can check your inbox from the MAIL tab (note the tab that says 1 New), tune in to a radio station, check your local weather, find a local address or even check your horoscope! Isn't that great?

ym step 3

It's official. Wii use can cause weight loss - Yahoo! News

It's official. Wii use can cause weight loss - Yahoo! News

By Lisa Baertlein Fri Jan 19, 6:28 PM ET

LOS ANGELES, Jan 19 (Reuters Life!) - Video gamers who'd rather battle virtual villains than fight the flab can take heart. Use of the new Nintendo Wii can lead to weight loss.

After six weeks and 21 hours of total game play on Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s new game console, Philadelphia resident Mickey DeLorenzo is nine pounds (4 kgs) lighter and making a splash with his new svelte self.

"I'm on my 15 minutes here," he joked, referring to the famous Andy Warhol quote about 15 minutes of fame, in a telephone interview with Reuters on Friday.

DeLorenzo, 25, came up with the idea for his experiment after he and his fiancee ended up breathless and glistening with sweat after virtually pummelling each other in the "Wii Sports" boxing game.

"On the fly, as I was typing my blog posts, I set up a daily regimen and went at it 100 percent," said DeLorenzo, who tipped the scales at 181 pounds -- where he's been for the last couple years -- when he started the experiment on December 3.

He ate as usual and didn't deprive himself during the holidays. The only thing that changed was the addition of daily, 30-minute sessions of Wii tennis, bowling, boxing or baseball.

DeLorenzo chronicled his progress on his blog at WiiNintendo.net, which includes weight-loss charts and "before" and "after" pictures, as well as shots recalling Rocky Balboa, the City of Brotherly Love's most famous fictional resident -- with Wiimotes.

While he expected to shed a couple pounds, DeLorenzo got more than he bargained for.

"Seeing the 'before' and 'after' pictures, I am going to keep doing it. I am going to add some weights to the next round because I don't want to shrink to nothing," said DeLorenzo, who said he had never before dieted or worked out to lose weight.

More projects are already in the works.

A fitness Web site already has asked him to help it create Wii workouts and he already owns the Internet address WiiWorkout.net, which for now, links to his blog.

He's betting that Nintendo will soon have its own workout game. And no, the Japanese game giant hasn't called.

Visits to DeLorenzo's blog have jumped -- he's been the subject of numerous blog posts and news stories on major mainstream media outlets -- but his fame has not come without a price.

The bill for the extra Web traffic was $80 (40.50 pounds) two days ago and has likely climbed. He's adding ads to offset the cost, but said even if he comes out in the red on this venture, it's all been worth it.

"It's been a wild ride. It's been great."

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From Another Blogger


Coming Together for Ely Buendia - PhilMusic.com - The #1 Philippine Music Website

Coming Together for Ely Buendia - PhilMusic.com - The #1 Philippine Music Website

Coming Together for Ely Buendia PDF Print E-mail
By Jim Ayson
Tuesday, 23 January 2007

ely-pupil.jpg You might as well have been living under a rock for the past two weeks if you hadn't heard all about the drama involving Ely Buendia, once the frontman for the legendary 90's supergroup the Eraserheads, since then the Pupil of his new band's eye. That's right, the heart attack (at the ripe young age of 36) in the midst of a gig, the twin angioplasties, the unwarranted charges of drug use (by rock icon Mike Hanopol of all people), the denials, the talk show guestings, the recovery, the text messages from well wishers, and the hospital visits by Francis M bearing trans-fat laden Krispy Kremes.

Sensationalism aside, less talked about are the grimmer aspects of surviving a cardiac arrest in this country: The paralyzing medical bills involving the procedure, confinement, and subsequent health care. Forget the veneer of the rock star life - in the real world, people who get very sick pay very expensive hospital bills, and in the absence of the cushion of health insurance, even so-called rock stars need a hand to get back on their feet.

The bills are nothing to sneeze at. We bumped into Pupil bassist Dok Sergio recently, and he let on that the cost of the first confinement at Asian Hospital, where Ely was first taken to, and underwent his first angioplasty to treat a blocked artery, was already pretty substantial. That bill alone was easily over 700,000 pesos. On top of that, Ely underwent a second angioplasty at the Heart Center of Asia. You can imagine that the bill has probably hit well over a cool million after that.

Factor in post-op recovery and rehab costs, plus medication and it all adds up even further. Ely might have struck an invincible figure on stage at one point, but in this instance he definitely needs help just to get back on track.

This fact hasn't been overlooked by his friends in the music circles he calls home. And so a group of them have banded together to put together a benefit show - for the benefit of their friend and fellow musician Ely Buendia.

We first heard about the project from Dindin Moreno, drummer of Parokya ni Edgar on Saturday, January 20. He mentioned a free show on Sunday. January 28 at the Eastwood Central Plaza, at Easywood City complex in Quezon City. Dindin passed my mobile number to Rico Blanco of Rivermaya, who confirmed that Rivermaya was very much in the loop. Other names surfaced - bassist Japs Sergio, brother of Dok. Rivermaya guitarist Mike Elgar and his wife She. Julie Pacanas, the former Eraserheads road manager and "Julie Tearjerky" of the fabled song was lending her production experience to the gig.

By Sunday, we had heard that fifteen bands had signed on. Apart from Rivermaya and Parokya, bands like Chicosci, Kamikazee, Itchyworms, Cynthia Alexander, Updharma Down, Spongecola, Ciudad, Makatha, Paramita, and Salindiwa had volunteered. (We'll publish the complete list when this is made available).

Radio station Magic 89.9 TM is involved - the show will take place right outside its outdoor gazebo/booth at Eastwood, and will be aired live as the event takes place from 4pm in the afternoon till evening.

And how will this help Ely? As of this writing, the plan is to pass the hat. It's a free show, but people are encouraged to donate money to help defray Ely's medical expenses. There will be designated sections around the performance area where people can make their donations.

For the well wishers who rooted for Ely to get out of the ICU, that task has been pretty much accomplished. Getting him out of the financial bind of those debilitating hospital bills is the next hurdle.

The musician community is pulling together to get one of their own back on his feet. Hopefully, the fans will continue to show their support. Musicians in this country may not be as amply compensated as their counterparts in other countries. But hopefully they can continue to count on the support of the fans who enjoy their music.

A Benefit Concert for Ely Buendia (complete band list to be announced)

Eastwood Central Plaza, Eastwood City, Quezon City (free admission)

Sunday, January 28, 4pm onwards.

Be there or be square

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Pulse.ph - POV

Pulse.ph - POV



You have probably heard, seen, or read about it: while onstage at a Laguna gig with Pupil last Sunday, January 7, Ely Buendia suffered from acute myocardial infraction (or heart attack due to clogged arteries; three clogged arteries, as reported). He was able to finish the set and was rushed to the Asian Hospital in Alabang, where doctors performed an angioplasty on him. (His wife, Diane Ventura, recounted that, prior to the gig, Ely had been complaining about chest pains, but he merely dismissed it as heartburn.) A second angioplasty was performed on the composer at the Philippine Heart Center, where he was transferred a day after the first procedure. The two consecutive operations were potentially damaging, but our pare survived them both.

These are the details.

But grief, apparently, is a hallucinogen; it blurs the empirical and makes people wander off to other places, places that are conceivably better or worse rather than the here-and-now. Let me explain: news of Ely Buendia’s heart attack elicited the same initial reaction from everyone: Oh my God, or slight variations thereof. However, if one weren’t the singer-guitarist’s wife, son, or close friend or acquaintance, what follows Oh my God may vary. “Oh my God, is he okay?,” for example. The enormity may have been too much for some: polysyllabic medical terms, after all, have that effect. And so, “Oh my God, what is an angioplasty?” may have been another possible follow-up. The man had a heart attack that could have killed him; yet, sadly, some people were appending the most inappropriate things to the shock and horror, nonchalantly asking whether old bandmates of his had already visited: “Oh my God, is so-and-so visiting?” As a fifth or maybe sixth inquiry, this would be perfectly acceptable, but then, as a knee-jerk reaction—hmm—I don’t know.

Some serious fans (and what is a “serious” fan anyway?) are, however, affected on what may safely be assumed to be a personal level, regardless of whether it was someone whose hand Buendia shook, whose mid-90s Bananatype cassette Buendia signed, a ten-year-old Pupil fan, et cetera. Buendia was no guitar hero, and his vocal affectations wouldn’t impress the pants off Randy Jackson or Paula Abdul, but he was a good storyteller, someone you felt close to, and he was sarcastic, emotional, and abrasive all at once.

A couple of imbeciles from the past week spread nasty rumors that he was dead, and they got an online lashing with a violence that’s comparable to gladiatorial games. Fans went ballistic and cussed these fuckers out, treating untruths like shiny, spiky ninja weapons that could potentially harm their beloved Pupil vocalist. Buendia was a “virtual roommate” to legions of people—I personally treat my worn-out copy of Cutterpillow to be the principal evidence of the inefficacy of the cassette format; I practically gauged my cardiovascular strength through rest-less recitations of the words to “Back 2 Me”—someone who provided a ready soundtrack to young adults’ heartaches and misplaced aggressions.

Relief is also another hallucinogen. Buendia survived his first angioplasty alright, charmingly reassuring friends and colleagues by texting back, picking up his calls, even entertaining the privileged visitor, and so on and so forth.
People knew that the relief was temporary, though, because of the impending second procedure. But, with the exception of inhabitants of his ICU room (i.e., his family), focus is often lost to peripheries: the TV item, the newspaper side-bar, the online banter. The three odd-days that were the most trying for Buendia’s family were also the three-odd days when they were compelled to address the press, which Diane, with the aide of Pupil co-manager Day Cabuhat, was more than willing and able to do. (They were an endearing superhero tandem who possessed rare mutant powers of reassurance and comfort, with Diane’s hair dyed a crimson red, a la Phoenix.)

Ah, relief, a hallucinogen, indeed; some parties were moved to play doctor and offer their unsolicited speculations on the causes of the singer’s heart attack, all of them, if not blown out of proportion, totally false (the bit about drug-use particularly ticked his loved ones off). This early-80s anti-rock paranoia is so out of place now. As I said in a magazine feature I did on a local mod band, “Propriety is the new punk.” What we (ehem, rockers) are also not¬ are the following: uneducated, shampoo-phobic, and murderously violent. A fan on a blog somewhere commented that maybe Buendia’s past was “catching up with him,” reasoning that if, indeed, he did not do these hedonistic things nowadays, the (fan’s presumption of the singer’s) past would still have a bearing, assuming—well—assuming a lot of things.

You know what’s not a hallucinogen, though? Worry. In the limbo prior to and right after the second angioplasty (thank you, spell-check), worry was the one lucid thing. Worry highlighted mortality (and maybe underscored it, in bold and italics, too), at least in the two or three hours it took Buendia’s people (which actively included Pupil members, by the way; I personally got updates from bassist Dok Sergio, not deluding myself that the seriously bedridden erstwhile Eraserhead would rush to contact me) to finally spam messages of relief and gratitude. Reported visits by members of Rivermaya and Parokya ni Edgar, among others, were meanwhile also feasted on. But the coup de grace remains Buddy Zabala’s visit (as well as news that Marcus Adoro has reportedly traveled from La Union to Manila). To say that it stirred a lot of people would be an understatement—these visits stirred, spiked, iced, and shook people, and they got beautifully inebriated by even the thought of the ex-bandmates enjoying, at the very least, physical proximity. However, it is wisest to think of these as moments of friendship, and not as, yet again, tiny pocket-promises of a come-back. Insinuations as to who weren’t there are, frankly, none of anybody’s business but theirs.

Weekend talk-shows still had features on Buendia’s heart attack, compressing thirty-six years’ worth of a celebrated life in a hundred-twenty seconds’ worth of primetime airtime. The Buzz may not be able to devote one entire gap to Buendia, but we all know thousands in our ranks have devoted ears and hearts and defenses to his musical output since 1993 (maybe even earlier), and our love for the man hasn’t gone on commercial break since.

Postscript: Ely Buendia was discharged Monday night (January 15) and is recuperating at home. "I’ve got a bionic heart now," the singer relays to the author; "I’m the 300,000 Peso Man." The Pupil singer-turned-Pinoy Steve Austin has been advised by his doctors to take a month-long rest before resuming his newfound role as a walking rock spin-off of Cyborg.

Photos by Richard Garcia.

With acknowledgements to the Pupilcity mailing list, Dok Sergio, and Ely Buendia. The article's title is culled from lyrics to the Eraserheads' "Peace It Together," from
Natin 99 (BMG Records Pilipinas, 1999).

Aldus Santos’s first book of poems,
Vocalese, is out now from Likhanan, Inc. Go here for more details.

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INQUIRER.net - Archive Search

INQUIRER.net - Archive Search

Don’t you dare die on us, Ely Buendia

First posted 23:49:37 (Mla time) January 13, 2007
Francis Ochoa

WHATEVER you do, Mr. Ely Buendia, don’t die on us.

You are a music icon who is as rare as they come. You are a vacant cab with an accommodating driver during the holidays. You are a cop who’s actually out to protect the citizenry. You are an honest politician. You are a film fest movie deserving of an award. You are a critically-acclaimed Cueshe hit.

I am a loyal Thomasian; you are the only reason I regret not having studied at the University of the Philippines.

If you go, what does that leave us with? A handful of artistic bands under the radar and Orange and Lemons. We scrounge the city for bars where one plays, and puke when the other’s songs go on air.

Always, always

As long as you’re around, we will always have Eraserheads. E-Heads. The band. The Band.

Forget Pupil. You will always be Eraserheads to me, just as E-Heads can never be reincarnated without you.

You played at 6-underground once with your new band, Pupil. Then for encores, you played two E-heads hits. I still have one of those performances on my cell phone video library, tucked between two sexy clips (that’s how much I idolize you).

Before you, there were Pepe Smith and Mike Hanopol. Smith has had the sense to stay alive—never mind if, physically, he’s long been a weeded-out, jail-dried version of his old self—long after you made the E-heads the next great Pinoy rock band after Juan dela Cruz. Hanopol lives on, too. Don’t tell me you’re planning to die ahead of them?

Die, Ely, and Hale’s going to write a tribute song for you. That should jolt your heart back to life.

Don’t get me wrong. I would benefit greatly from your death.

Imagine how much my Ibañez acoustic guitar, which I bought for P15,000, would be worth now that it has your signature and the dedication, “Francis, rock and roll!” A friend of mine was willing to purchase it for P20, 000—and you are still alive. And that doesn’t include the snapshot of you signing it. Or the notarized affidavit of an Inquirer employee who overheard you saying it was your first time to affix a signature on a guitar.

Do you hear me? You. Can’t. Die. Yet. The next definitive band in the local scene hasn’t emerged. Your presence helps keep music fans—even idiotic ones like me—patiently waiting.

A heart attack at 36? That’s no way for music icons to go. If you were found dead after OD-ing on your drug of choice, I’d probably be more at peace with that. Or maybe if you blew your brains out like Kurt Cobain did.

Or if you were shot, the way John Lennon was, by a maniac—imagine if it was me! Imagine how much my guitar would cost then!

No, Ely, the Philippine music industry needs you. Some say you’re past your musical prime, that after struggling to rein yourself (sometimes with the help of Raymund M and the rest of E-heads) from falling into three-chord pop compositions, there’s nothing left in that wonderfully insane brain of yours but indecipherable music that only those in cloak-and-dagger security agencies would appreciate.

I disagree.

I think you’re very much like a surfer who, exhausted from catching wave after similar wave, decided to plant his board in the sand and sit down to watch the sea. But you aren’t just watching. Your eye is cast towards the horizon, eyeing that perfect wave, waiting.

So get through this and live longer, ayt? When that perfect wave comes, we want to watch you go out there and catch it.

This also appears as a blog entry on theboyfromsmallville.wordpress.com.

Copyright INQUIRER.net. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Philstar.com - The Filipino Global Community

Philstar.com - The Filipino Global Community
Mga halu-halong hula-hula 2007
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star 01/03/2007

If I were Madame Auring and any or all of the other manghuhula who surface like wild mushrooms this time of the season, I would make the following surefire "predictions" and get a 100 percent batting average:

1. Kris Aquino will give birth sometime in May.

2. Donna Cruz will give birth also sometime in May.

3. Claudine Barretto will give birth later this year.

4. Patricia Javier will give birth during the first quarter of this year.

5. Danica Sotto will get married to her boyfriend, basketball player Mark Pingris, anytime this year.

6. But Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo won’t be tying the knot this year...

7....and neither will Jolina Magdangal and Bebong Muñoz (who’s running for congressman in Caloocan City in this May’s elections)...

8....nor Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez (who is being wooed by various groups to run for Senator also in this May’s elections).

9. Loren Legarda and Tito Sotto will run, again for Senator, also in this May’s elections.

10. The 2007 Metro Filmfest will still be held in December this year.

Why "surefire"? Simply because these are among the stories we’ve been hearing again and again in radio showbiz programs and showbiz talk shows, and reading over and over again in movie columns (this one included).

You guessed it: I’m trying to show you how easy it is to make showbiz predictions. You don’t have to wear a (magic?) turban, fondle a crystal ball, shuffle a deck of cards or scan the sky to "foretell" what’s in store for earth-bound stars in the next 12 months. All you have to do, as I’ve just done, is go over your pile of 2006-dated movie magazines and review what has been covered by showbiz talk shows.

And, voila, you, too, can be a manghuhula!

Here now are Funfare’s "traditional" Mga Halu-Halong Hula-Hula for 2007, 10 "blind items" and 10 "wide-awake" items:

First, the "blind items":

1. A singer-actor will finally make an earth-shaking confession and put to rest the nasty rumor hounding him these past years. All ears, please!

2. A couple will break up – amicably (read: no charges and counter-charges), let’s hope!

3. A separated couple will bury the hatchet and kiss and make up.

4. A young actress will give birth out of wedlock.

5. A couple will finally migrate to the US with their children.

6. Two shows each in GMA and ABS-CBN will fold up middle of the year – or even earlier.

7. A popular TV host will switch channels – I mean, will jump ober da bakod to a rival station.

8. An actor-politician will get involved in a politically-motivated controversy.

9. Another actor-politician will drastically change his political plans for fear of being mercilessly clobbered by his opponent in this May’s elections.

10. The in-fighting (caused by intrigues and "pride") at a network’s News and Public Affairs department will rage on, to the detriment of the company. A bigwig is after the head of a subordinate.
* * *
And now, the "wide-awake" items:

1. Kris Aquino and husband James Yap’s first-born will be a girl.

2. Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago’s first-born will be a boy.

3. Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio will not marry this year (not because Vic’s daughter Danica is getting married and "sukob sa taon" is supposed to bring bad luck) or in the near future. They will just continue to enjoy their blissful togetherness. Why rock the boat?

4. Oyo Sotto and Angel Locsin will iron out whatever differences they have and get back together again. Their romance is founded on deep friendship, that’s why, and it’s a strong foundation.

5. More controversies will rock this year’s Metro Filmfest. Otherwise, a "quiet" Metro Filmfest will not be a "usual" Metro Filmfest at all.

6. Film/CD pirates will be around for many, many more years to come. Yes, sadly it’s a question of economics. If you can buy a pirated tape for P80 per and have the whole family (nay, the whole barangay!) watch it, why pay more than P100 to watch a movie at the theater by your lonesome?

7. Only 30 percent (a friendly estimate) of actors/actresses running in this May’s elections will win. Like movie fans, voters are now (hopefully!) more intelligent and more discerning.

8. GMA’s Eat, Bulaga! should watch out. Rival ABS-CBN’s Wowowee might pull the rug from under its feet.

9. Yes, definitely, the Sexbomb will be back on Eat, Bulaga! soon. What will happen to the show’s EB Babes? No, they won’t be relegated as Sexbomb’s back-up dancers.

10. Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla will – finally, finally! – get married, presumably abroad, away from the maddening crowd. (If, and that’s the Big If, the legal block will be cleared.)

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