Monday, September 24, 2007

Inday Anthology

Pati nga naman jokes nag i evolve din noh. Dati si Inday dumbwhore ngayon smartass na! Hindi yan sunud sunod. Everytime na may magtext sa akin ng Inday jokes dito ko iipunin. :)

I believe that my trained skills and expertise in management with the use of standard tools, and my discipline and experience will contribute significantly to the value of work that you want. My creativity, productivity and work efficiency and the high quality of outcomes I can offer will boost the work progress.
----sagot yan ni Inday sa interview ng bago niyang amo.


Physical stress and excessive work may result to serious damage to one's body. It is therefore essential that once in a while we take break from our usual routine to replenish the lost energy we once had.
----sabi ni Inday sa amo niya nung humngi siya ng day off.


Amo: Inday, bakit nagkalat ang basura sa likod ng bahay?!
Inday: A change in the weather patterns might have occured wreaking havoc to the surroundings. The way the debris are scattered indicates that the gust of wind was going northeast causing damage to the path it was heading for.
Amo: (nosebleed)


Amo: Mula ngayon, walang magsasalita ng Ingles. Ang sinumang magpadugo ng ilong at sa mga anak ko, palalayasin sa pamamahay na ito! Klaro ba?

Inday: Ang mga namutawi sa inyong mga labi ay mataman ko pong iiimbak sa sulok ng aking balintataw, sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, gugunam gunamin, aariing salik ng aba at payak kong kabatiran. Tatalikdan ang matayog at palalong banyagang wika, manapay kakalingain, bibigkasin at sakdal timyas na sasambitin.


"There's still a romantic element in knowing that I love someone but I'm choosing to do the right thing by staying silent..."
----sagot ni Inday sa sarili dahil inlab na siya kay Sir... =)


"Be shame of your speaking. Did you think that your English grammary are corrected by? Its better to keep your mouth shock! Connect me if I'm wrong!"


P500=Globeplan subscription
P1800=Glutathione tablet
P600=Olay Total Effects
P1500=Crocs Flipflops
P2000=For Mama

----bina budget ni Inday ang sweldo niya :)


Overnight inaral ng amo ni Inday and dictionary para may pangtapat siya kay Inday.

Amo: So, Inday tell me, how do you accept the fact that you are just a mere chambermaid in this extravagant mansion?

Inday: Una camarera? Eres tan pathetic. La unica razon que inscribi tu cas es porque nada esta sucediendo dentro de tu casa cuasi-agradable.Quisiera traer una poca clase en este hogar pero conjeturo que no puedo porque esta casa es fea.

Amo: (Nastroke)!


Magmamani: ah mani mani mani malutong mani kayo jan oh! limampiso lang mani malutong mani kayo jan oh!

Inday: Mr. Peanut, are those nuts cropped from a high class soil fertilized through an advanced agricultural method to produce a rich tasted appetizer which you, yes you, Mr. Peanut fried it in a premium grade 0% fat canola oil with a low salt solution to consider those low cholesterol diet practitioner like me?

Magmamani: P*kyu!:D


Amo: day! Bumili ka nga ng mga isda! O nga pala inglesera ka na ngayon... Would you please buy many fishes for our this week's meals?

Inday: Judging from your statement, I believe you meant a variety of fish. The term "fishes" although rarely and even erroneously used, connotes a plethora or an array of different kinds of the aformentioned gilled crreatures. But the more pressing questions before I traverse the road to the wet market would be: What certain type of fish? fillet or not?


...One day, Katrina Halili went to FHM Magazine to check if she's still the sexiest woman in the world... Then she walked out angry and shouting...

"Who the hell is Inday?!?!"


Dear Mother,
Had it not been for the smelling salt, I must have collapsed moment ago. Junior has become a little monster to me. Remember the head accident he had? As if it wasn't enough, he was summoned by the principal of his shabbily run academe.Oh, such un-erudite bunch of baboons! I never thought being a governess can be such strenous employ!!!

Dear Inday,
Walang hiya ka! Magpadala ka ng pera! Nasa ospital nanay mo, dumugo ang ilong kababasa ng pesteng sulat mo!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm still a fan of scents. Nagsimula yan sa kisses na nanganganak. hehehe... Pati rin mga scented ballpen, stationery etc etc. =)

Sexy scents for him and her

By Kinny Salas

Last updated 11:17pm (Mla time) 09/20/2007

MANILA, Philippines—Growing up as a ’80s, I had delusions of growing up vampy or vixen-ish even then, hence my attraction to fragrances labeled as sexy.

It puzzled me, though, why those synthetic or intense floral oriental scents that were marketed as sexy, and bought by the basket by women, turned grown men off or made them sneeze.

It was not until the ’90s that studies showed the best way to a man’s heart was really through his stomach even when it came to fragrances.

Men love the smell of vanilla because they associate it with happy childhood memories of cakes for dessert.

The problem here is that the Philippines is too warm so we can only wear vanilla scents about four months a year (or only at night).

Such fragrances are not only vanilla/sweet-based, but also citrus, fruity-florals, and certain herbs and spices strategically mixed, resulting in freshness merged with the creamy sweet.

His and hers

Bear in mind the final arbiter is still your body’s chemistry. So try the scent by walking around for 10 minutes, then sniffing it.

For him: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (75 ml, P3,150; 125 ml, P4,150) is my hands-down men’s favorite in this selection. The smell of cedar mixed with neroli, lavender and a hint of vanilla calls to mind a clean fresh-smelling man who just came out of the shower. It’s sexy without effort.

For her: D&G The One eau de toilette (EDT; 50 ml, P4,350; 75 ml, P5,650), which smells of lychee, peach and mandarin with white flowers and amber. The fragrance makes me think of panna cotta or crème brûlée. It’s one of the few sweet fragrances I can wear all year round, like Armani Sensi.

For him: Hugo Dark Blue (75 ml, P3,250; 125 ml, P4,100), which smells of ginger ale, cardamom and vanilla. Also fresh-smelling, it’s very masculine but clean, plus it mixes well with perspiration.

For her: Hugo Pure Purple, the fruity vanilla that can be applied from day to night. The smell on me is not overpowering and it’s a good mix between fresh and comforting because of the nectarine, marzipan and amber combination.

For him: Very Irresistible Givenchy for Men—It’s a very “green” scent with hints of mint and grapefruit. I know of some girls who use it on themselves and love it. Don’t know how your guy will feel about that though.

For her: Very Irresistible Sensual EDP—I just had to road-test this because I love Liv Tyler and it smells like fresh grapes, which turned out to be green apples and pears combined. Toss in grass and vanilla to complete the refreshing and creamy experience. This is my favorite female scent of the collection.

For him: Escada Sentiment Pour Homme. Sweet, spicy and woodsy is the only way to describe it. I cannot imagine this on a guy below 28 as it is very masculine and elegant and would somehow seem pretentious on one too young.

For her: Escada Sentiment is for women who like to smell ultra-feminine. For women who have never bought into the unisex craze, this delicate floral blend of iris, roses, mandarin mixed with vanilla and sandalwood will do it. Unlike its male counterpart, I can imagine a girl wearing this to her prom, her wedding and her daughter’s wedding.

Like laundry

While men like the smell of vanilla, women adore the smell of laundry.

Clean is a brand of perfume that specializes in soapy scents. Its bestseller is Classic Clean, which has a hint of Juicy Fruit gum and lemony soap. It drives the guys around me crazy: They would grab my shirt and sniff incessantly.

My mom and her friends love Clean Fresh Laundry best as it reminds them of fabric softener and laundry detergent drying on the clothesline. It’s expensive, though, and averages P4,000 a bottle.

Love clean and soapy scents? You will love Acca Cappa’s White Moss EDT (mild and musky) and Woods of Windsor Forget Me Not EDT (really smells like freshly laundered clothes).

Clean, Acca Kappa and Woods of Windsor are available at Essenses.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

be a vegan

Can't help but to post this.. Iam her fan...:) but so sorry I can't be a full vegan. I got canine molars hehehe.

Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA
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