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How to use google to find mp3s

very nice howto looking for those hidden mp3's hehehe

This How-To will teach you how to use google to find mp3s.
This How-To will be highly pragmatic and will focus on the hows and not the
wherefores of the various search strings.

Update: check this cool google hack to see controlable survalence
cameras on the net
google-| inurl:"viewerframe mode="

If you want to post your tricks for finding mp3s, using search engines
or other wise, send me an email my_haz_runsA|

Note: This info works just great for ebooks as well just change mp3 to
pdf, djvu, ps, etc

= Index

0) Key
1) Directories
2) Xitami Servers
3) Directory Listing
4) Andromeda Servers (depricated)
5) Zina Artists (depricated)
6) Apache mp3 Servers
7) Individual Songs
8) Saving Shoutcasts
9) Social Bookmarking

= Section 0 - KEY

You this are just some definitions I will use below.

[Directory String] can be any of the following :
1) "index of"
2) "last modified"
3) "parent of"

[file type] can be any of the following :
1) "mp3"
2) "shn"
3) "wma"

[mp3 name] can be any of the following :
1) the name of the album in quotes
2) the name of the artist in quotes
3) be daring and leave it blank and have lots of links
4) be creative!

1) -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

(inurl:) is optional and may be omitted and in fact most be
omitted if not using a search tool other than google.

(intitle:) can be used in place of (inurl:) and has a similar effect
again you must be useing google.

(-filetype:txt) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

(-playlist) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

= Section 1 - Directories

These are the most common way that mp3s are stored on the www, you
should try these strings first.

String Format :
Type 1 : [Directory String] + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : [Directory String] + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Type 3 : [Directory String] + [file type] + [mp3 name] + [limitors]

Example Strings :
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls
- "index of" + "mp3" + "radiohead" -html -htm -php
- "index of" + mp3 + "grandaddy"
- "index of" + inurl:mp3 + "beatles" -txt -pls
- "index of" + intitle:mp3 + beatles
- "last modified" + "shn" + "dylan"
- "last modified" + inurl:shn + "bob dylan"
- "parent of" + inurl:wma + "grandaddy"
- "index of" + "mp3" + "Red Hot Chili Peppers"
- "index of" + "shn" + "Red Hot Chili Peppers"
- "index of" + "flac" + "Red Hot Chili Peppers"
- intitle:index.of "Foo Fighters"
- intitle:index.of avi live Pink Floyd -html -htm -asp

Suggestions :
- Try (intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "band name" -htm -html -php -asp) first it
is usually the most effective.

Another Little Trick:
- If you have been getting alot of results on google but the pages don't seem
to be there try adding dates and the "apache" string to your search i.e.

- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache feb-2005
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache 2005

or if you just want a big list of mp3' doing a search like this everymonth
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + -html -htm -php -asp apache mar

or if you want to condense the search try
- intitle:index.of + (mp3|ogg) + "grandaddy" -(html|php|asp) +apache mar-2007

= Section 2 - Xitami Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "xitami web server" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "xitami web server" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings :
- "xitami web server" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "xitami web server" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "xitami web server" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 3 - Directory Listing

String Format :
Type 1 : "directory listings" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "directory listings" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "directory listings of" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "directory listings of" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings
- "directory listings" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"
- "directory listings of" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings of" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings of" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 4 - Andromeda Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "powered by andromeda" + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "powered by andromeda" + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 5 : inurl:andromeda.php + [mp3 name]
Type 6 : inurl:anromeda.php + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 7 : "scott matthews"
Type 8 : "powered by andromeda"
Type 9 : inurl:andromeda.php

Examples :
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "radiohead"
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "mp3" + "fitter"
- "powered by andromeda" + "gradaddy"
- "powered by andromeda" + "mp3" + "just like women"
- inurl:andromeda.php + "shn"
- inurl:anromeda.php + "wma" + "dylan"
- "scott matthews"
- "powered by andromeda"
- inurl:andromeda.php

= Section 5 - Zina Artists

String Format :
Type 1 : "zina artists"

Examples :
- "zina artists"

= Section 6 - Apache mp3 Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "stream all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "stream all" + apache
Type 3 : "shuffle all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "shuffle all" + apache

Examples :
- "stream all" + apache
- "stream all" "shuffle all" mp3
- "stream all" + apache + radiohead
- "shuffle all" + beatles

= Section 7 - Individual Songs

Format : [mp3 name].mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

Examples :
- "ok_computer_live.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- "*ok_computer*.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- kid*a.mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

= Section 8 - Shoutcasts

0) Streamripper is a free shoutcast recorder

1) Find a shoutcast that you would like to save

2) Download and open the .pls file, to discover the stream url

3) Open up a terminal (DOS or xterm)

4) break up the url into its parts (site,port,locations) so here
we have
port: 80
location: /stream/1074

5) Uset telnet to Send HTTP GET message and redirect output. The
request is

prompt$ telnet site port > output.mp3
GET location HTTP/1.0

so in the example above

prompt$ telnet 80 > output.mp3
GET /stream/1074 HTTP/1.0

= Section 9 - Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarks sites, are site where people can leave links to
other interesting sites given a certain "tag." Tags are sort of
like search terms and catagories combined. Searching anyone of these
bookmark sites for the type or music or band you like is almost
sure to bring up lots of links to free mp3s. There are two links
at the top of this page digg and, I use and there are
others. If you do join a site make sure to give me a thanks
by adding a link to this site!

See Who One and See In Die

I first read this when I was in highschool and still I was laughing to death again when I read it again.... har har har har!!! naku... magagalit ang idol kong si inday nito..... :D

i tried this by having a lady officemate read it out loud... she didn't know what happened... but her officemates were dying with laughter! ajosm the poet is outta here...

Thing none knew see in die...

Who bought, who bad.

The hill key none taught see in die;

Last fog see in die.

Fog must done knew see who one...

Thin knee gas sun see who one.

Cash see, see in die who bought, who bad!

Bough code dawn, bull ball money peace.

In knee love bus ni who one...

Dean act money in die.

Key knee league see who one,

The hill be not tea knee in die.

Knee love as son see who one,

Be thin see in die.

Last fog NA, Be thin PA!!!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feast of Black Nazarene

nakalulungkot ang mga ganitong pangyayari. sino nga ba ang dapat managot... :`(

2 die, scores hurt in Black Nazarene feast--police

By Thea Alberto
First Posted 15:25:00 01/09/2008

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 3) Two people died of heart attack and 46 others were injured during Wednesday’s celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene, police said.

At the same time, Police Director Geary Barias, National Capital Region Police Office chief, said they were verifying reports that a child also died during a stampede along Plaza Miranda where thousands of devotees had also converged.

Cecilia Fajardo suffered from cardiac arrest after she was crushed by the crowd that tried to touch the black statue of Jesus while Alex Radovan, 44, died as he was on his way to Quiapo Church from where the Nazarene began its procession, said Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales, Manila Police District director.

Police placed the number of devotees at 2.2 million.

Police expect the number to reach three million as the Black Nazarene returns to Quiapo Church.

"Sobrang siksikan, sobrang excitement or exhaustion, siguro hindi na niya [Fajardo] kinaya [People were jammed, there was too much excitement or exhaustion that perhaps she could not take it," said Rosales.

Of the injured, nine suffered from hypertension; three from low-blood pressure; five fainted; nine sustained bruises or were crushed by the crowd; and five suffered difficulty in breathing, said Rosales.

They were brought either to the Ospital ng Maynila and Philippine General Hospital, he said.

Radio reports said 22 people were brought to the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital while another seven devotees were victims of pickpockets.

A report on dzBB said at least seven devotees were victimized by pick-pockets during the feast.

As of posting time, 16 ambulances are on stand-by, Rosales said.

Earlier in the day, 19 private schools in the area cancelled classes while public schools did not, the Department of Education said in an advisory.
With a report from Kristine L. Alave, Inquirer

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