Thursday, August 20, 2009

Olive oil is best remedy for stretch marks


Olive oil is best remedy for stretch marks

By Ria Francisco-Prieto
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:59:00 08/20/2009

AS MY BELLY grows bigger, I find myself staring at my legs and thighs and looking out for stretch marks.

I remember about a year ago I faced the same predicament. I don’t mind anything else about pregnancy but this. Everything else will fade after birth, even zits. Stretch marks stay on forever.

Luckily, I hardly got any with my first pregnancy. Thanks to olive oil. Yes, the one used for cooking. I would slather it on while my skin is still damp right after a shower. Although it was a bit thick and warm, it moistened my skin. Plus it was so much more less expensive.

When it’s too hot, I use Clarins tonic, which I fondly call my gold potion. I love the smell plus it leaves my skin supple. Not to mention, it’s formulated particularly for pregnancy like Phytolastil gel which I get from my OB gyne Dr. Greg Pastorfide. He told me his patients who’ve had twins used this and did not have a single stretch mark.

My fear of stretch marks is due to the white deep lines I have on my legs. These ones I got at pre-adolescence. It depressed me and it still makes me sad. Thus my vigilance toward these nasty lines.

Although our skin is fairly elastic, stretch marks happen when the skin is overstretched due to sudden weight gain or loss, growth or pregnancy. The best defense is always keep skin moisturized with lotion or oil. Applying shea butter on breasts, stomach, thighs and back area, they say, is the most effective remedy against stretch marks. Drinking water and taking vitamins daily keep skin healthy.


There is so little that can be done once stretch marks appear. But there are treatments that can minimize their appearance.

Chemical peels are a common way to deal with stretch marks. A pretty high tolerance to pain is required, since there is a stinging sensation that comes with it. A dilute form of acid is used to remove the top layer of skin and give way to skin-cell production. More than one session is required and there is also a risk of additional scarring from the chemicals used.

Laser surgery is expensive and five to six sessions are needed. Also, it works best on stretch marks that are still reddish-purple. It stimulates skin growth and improvement continues up to six months after laser treatment.

Stretch-mark cream and ointment can be costly and rarely make stretch marks disappear. I have yet to find one or hear about one.

So as I stare at the pre-adolescent stretch marks on my thighs, I conclude the only way to win the war against stretch marks is by preventing them. Now I should stand up, hit the shower and apply oil while my skin is still damp.

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