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Organic food for your skin

Organic food for your skin
By Mariel Chua
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:52:00 08/20/2009

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AS A youngster in Finger Lakes, upstate New York, Adrian Bryce Dior enjoyed a beautiful scenic environment surrounded by magnificent ice-age gorges, panoramic views and towering waterfalls.

It was only natural that his lifestyle followed an organic path –shopping at gourmet grocery stores, scoping the aisles for innovative health foods and blending his own fruit drinks.

His love affair for all things natural came to fruition three years ago: Dior had always relied on his Kenmore stainless-steel juicer and blender to provide for his active body’s nourishment. One night, he realized what could be good for his body may just as well be wonderful for his skin. Bryce Organics was born.

“I thought, ‘How could I turn these healthy drinks into skin care products?’” he says. Dior then spent the rest of the night and into the next day contemplating and planning his skincare line. Finally, months of preparation yielded the brand’s first 10 organic scrubs.

Sweet start

“The first product I developed was The Tahitian Vanilla Bean Exfoliating Facial Polishing Scrub,” says Dior. “It was made with an organic ground vanilla bean paste from Tahiti.”

While Bryce no longer carries this product, (“I felt the market was oversaturated with ‘vanilla-type’ skincare products”), customers can now enjoy the line’s three most popular, award-winning Exfoliating Facial Polishing Scrubs: California Meyer Lemon, Mediterranean Pomegranate and Hawaiian Coconut.

“If I have a few blemishes, one morning I’ll use the California Meyer Lemon Exfoliating Facial Polishing Scrub, as it clears my skin right up,” says Dior, who uses Bryce products everyday and tests every new product on himself.

“If my face is looking tired and needs a little face lift, I use the Mediterranean Pomegranate Exfoliating Facial Polishing Scrub. Often, I find myself mixing all of them in the shower!”

Organic difference

So what sets Bryce Organics apart from the rest of the ‘natural’ products available in the market today? “Many different skincare brands would like you to believe that all of their ingredients are organic or ‘all-natural,’ explains Dior. “Sadly, this isn’t true, [so always] read your ingredient labels,” he advises.

Bryce skincare products are derived solely from 100-percent certified organic ingredients and contain no toxic chemicals, cancerous parabens, fillers, artificial preservatives or additional additives of any kind.

“Not only do we use organic fruit extracts, we use the actual whole fruit – from the seeds and shavings to the zest.” Adds Dior, “These products are so fresh and so pure you could even eat them and they taste good!”

Take your fruity pick

For hot and humid days, Dior recommends the Florida Key Lime & Hawaiian Coconut Refreshing Moisturizing Mist. And for a skin-softening bath and shower experience, try the Maine Blueberry Moisturizing Bath & Body Oil.

Watch out for the upcoming California Honewdew Melon & New England Cucumber Eye Serum, which provides a burst of hydration and nourishment for the sensitive under-eye area.

Customers may order online at You may also reach Dior directly via e-mail at (for individual customers) or (for spa and hotel suppliers).

Mariel Chua is the former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Ok! Magazine Philippines. Ask a beauty question at or visit


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