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What’s the best curler for short lashes?

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What’s the best curler for short lashes?
By Kinny Salas
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:01:00 08/20/2009

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I HAVE been doing the cosmetics rounds lately. Here are my new and affordable finds.

Eyelash curlers for short, sparse and drooping Asian lashes. European or American brands have too much curve in them that they end up pinching lids or not getting most of our eyelashes. The best choices are Japanese brands such as Shu Uemura and Shiseido. For those on a budget, good finds are the local brands Fanny Serrano and Nichido.

Fanny Serrano for Fashion 21 has come up with the Eyelash Curler Slim, a light, durable and precise mini eyelash curler only about a third the size of the regular curler. This was designed to accentuate the short lashes around the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Revlon Creme Gloss (P475)—Twist the bottom and the glossy pigmented liquid oozes onto the brush. When applied on the lips, you get full coverage with the megawatt shine of a gloss and rich color pigment of a cream lipstick. Its built-in lip brush makes application easier. The color lasts for hours.

My issue: 1. Sometimes too much color oozes on the brush that I end up overdoing it. It stays within the lip line but there is too much product reminiscent of Playboy Bunny’s thick glossy lipstick. If you want that sexy pout this is definitely for you!

Makeup guru Elsa Morgan picks out Sassy Mauve, Peachy Sheen, Just Blushed and Raisin’ The Roof for those with darker, olive skintones. Those with lighter, fairer skin should try Slip Into Pink, Patent Leather Pink, Play Up Pink and Strike A Rose.

She assures Hot Tamale and Pink Cami would look beautiful on anyone. I find the colors Strike a Rose and Pink Cami too shimmery. My picks: Cherry Tart, Hot Tamale and Just Blushed.

Prepster collection

The show “Gossip Girl” has shown us that being preppy is no longer deemed boring but sexy and classy as well. Pastels are now every bit as slinky as blacks and reds.

Orly Nails has come out with Prepster collection which targets teens. My favorite is Cashmere Cardigan (crème periwinkle-blue) which, along with OMG (salmon orange) and Polo Princess (pale pastel pink) are all suitable for very light or medium-toned hands.
The safest bet is Tennis Anyone in creme formula. Suitable shades for darker skin are Country Club Khaki, a gray lavender beige, and Prim and Proper, lilac shimmer.


Avon Skin So Soft Intensive Whitening Hand and Body Lotion (P350) has a soothing but clean rose scent. Upon first application, skin is immediately whiter due to the natural minerals that diffuse and reflect light. Claim: It’s not just a temporary remedy though but also a solution to uneven skin tones. The Avon-patented whitening technology (tel. 8642900) works on darker areas, leaving you with even white skin all over.

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